We are happy to share with you one tip that will help you automatically communicate if your smart lock solution allows you to set a code in advance for each guest. 

The tip is to set the lock code to the last 4 digits of your guests' phone number. This number is communicated to you by the booking channel directly when the reservation is confirmed. 

Automatically communicate the lock code to the guests

You can then use the short code %guest_phone_last4%  to automatically send the code to your guests in your messages, for example within check-in instructions.

Notify your team that they need to set the code

If the code is set by your team, you can use the short code %guest_phone_last4%  in your team messages to inform team members of the new code. Even send a reminder to youself!

Do you need a code with more than 4 digits?

In case the lock-code is not a 4 digit number, those short codes variants will also work: 

  • %guest_phone_last5%, for 5 digits; 

  • %guest_phone_last7%, for 7 digits.

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