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What are short codes?

Learn more about short codes and how to use them.

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Short codes are placeholders for information. They start and end with % , and help you provide a personalized experience to your guests.

With short codes, you can customize your templates with your guest's details, or some information about their inquiry or reservation (such as their check-in date). With short codes, messages are more relatable for your guests; using automated messages still works with your hosting style.

When a message is sent, we will always refresh the data from your booking channel to ensure we populate those fields with the most recent data available at the time. For a complete list of available short codes, their definitions, and restrictions - check out this article.

To include short codes in your templates:

  1. Go to Guest experience.

  2. Click on Messaging rules on the sidebar.

  3. Click on the rule that you want to edit.

  4. Click inside the text box where you would like to change the text, and type "%". You will see a list of the short codes that are available for this rule. You can keep typing to search for a short code in that list.

  5. Click on the short code or press Enter to include the short code in your template

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