Are custom codes multilingual?

Using languages other than English for custom codes

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At this time, we do not have the ability for custom codes to support different languages. We do, however, have a workaround for those looking to have custom codes included in their alternate language messaging templates associated with their automated messaging rules.

To include a custom code for each one of your separate language text templates, please create a separate custom code for each language you would like to include. We recommend adding the abbreviation to the end of each custom code name to indicate which language that custom code is for.

For example, if you wanted to include a custom code that included the nickname of a property, but that nickname was different in different languages, you could create multiple custom codes with the following names:

  • nickname_en for the English name.

  • nickname_fr for the French name.

  • nickname_de for the German name.

You would then include each separate custom code within their corresponding text templates. EX: %%nickname_en%% would be included in any relevant English text template.

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