Can I automate my reviews?

We can help you automate your reviews, while keeping you in control when it matters.

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We can help you automate your reviews through review rules (for Airbnb guests only), while always letting you edit and review comments for your guests based on your experience with guests. Each rule holds a template that will be used to generate reviews for your guest and publish them on your behalf. When you have multiple active review rules, only one, at random will be published for your guest.

You won't have to worry about the time the publication, or checking if the review is already available. We got you covered! As soon as the review is made available on the booking platform, we generate it and schedule according to your rule settings.

We assume that all your guests were great, so all automatic reviews will have 5 stars. However, if needed, you can always change the rating or the comment manually before the review is published.

It may also happen that you have to leave a negative review for one of your guests. We have a special feature called Bad review available under any generated review. It will allow you to delay publication of the review to the last minute.

Check our article here for How to Create a Review Rule

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