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Which events can trigger an automatic response?
Which events can trigger an automatic response?

Several events are special and can trigger an automatic message, when time is of the essence.

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Events are any changes to the conversation status we receive from Airbnb or Vrbo.

With Hospitable, you can automate your replies to events by creating a Reply to an event messaging rule.
Please note that an event can only trigger 1 message. For example, you can only send 1 "New Reservation" message per new reservation. You would not be able to send 2 "New Reservation" messages for a new reservation.

When creating a new messaging rule, you will be able to choose an event from the following list.

  • New inquiry - a new booking inquiry was received.

  • New pre-approval - a new pre-approval was sent by the host.

  • New request to book - a new request to book was received.

  • New reservation - a reservation has been accepted

  • New cancellation - a reservation has been cancelled.

  • Expired pre-approval - a pre-approval has expired.

  • Inquiry/booking denied - an inquiry, or a request to book, was denied.

  • New special offer - a new special offer was sent.

  • New payment issue - an issue with the guest's payment has occurred

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