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Why was my message sent at a different time?
Why was my message sent at a different time?

Learn what affects when my messages are sent and which time zone they are sent in.

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Hospitable has a few general timing rules that are used when sending messages. This is to ensure that messages will be read at the best time, all the time, and that an error in your configuration won't disturb the guest.

Messages are sent between 9am and 9pm

By default, all scheduled messages will only be sent between 9am and 9pm. If you'd like, you can disable enforcing time restrictions between 9am and 9pm so messages can be sent at any time in the day.

If enforcing time restrictions is enabled (the default), your message will be rescheduled to the next available time.

Timezone considerations

  • Before check-in and after check-out messages are based on the guest's timezone.

  • Messages while the guest is staying are based on your listing's timezone.

Messages may be sent earlier in case of conflict

  • Messages will generally be sent earlier than initially planned. You can expect that all messages will be received by the time defined in your rule.

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