Review rules allow you to automate reviews for your guests. They contain review template, timing and the scope settings. Note: reviews can only be automated through Hospitable for Airbnb reservations.

To create a review rule:

  1. Go to Guest Experience.

  2. Click on Review rules.

  3. On that page, click on the "Add new" button.

  4. Create a new review template. You can use short codes and custom codes as needed.

  5. Configure Timing settings. We recommend to set the reviews to be published 3 days after the guest has checked out, to give you time to review comments and grades. You can always send review earlier manually.

  6. Scope the rule to hosts and properties under the Scope settings.

  7. Activate the rule by clicking the toggle on top of the screen.

Your reviews will be automated when at least one review rule is active, and scoped to the listing for which a review is pending.

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