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Automate Your Airbnb Reviews Using Review Rules
Automate Your Airbnb Reviews Using Review Rules

Review rules can be created within Guest Experience and allow you to automate your Airbnb Reviews

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Hospitable allows you to automate your Airbnb reviews through review rules.

How Reviews Work

  • As soon as the review is made available on the booking platform, we will generate it and schedule it according to your settings.

  • If multiple review rules are active, we will publish one at random for each guest.

  • We assume that all your guests were great, so all automatic reviews will have 5 stars. However, if needed, you can always change the rating or the comment manually before the review is published.

    • Do you need to publish a bad review? The bad review feature allows you to delay publishing your review until the last minute.

How to Create a Review Rule

  1. Go to Guest Experience > Review rules > Click on the +Add new button.

  2. Name your review template

  3. Write a message. You can use short codes and custom codes to personalize your review! If desired, you can also create the review in multiple languages by clicking on Add another language.

  4. Configure Timing settings. We recommend publishing the reviews 3 days after the guest has checked out to give you time to review comments. You can always send the review earlier manually.

  5. Scope the rule to the platform, hosts, and properties.

  6. Activate the rule by clicking the toggle on top of the screen.

Your reviews will be automated when at least one review rule is active and scoped.

Airbnb does not allow reviews to contain URLs, email addresses, or phone numbers

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