How does our pricing work?

Learn more how much costs by using our public pricing simulator.

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Transparency matters a lot to us, and so our pricing is transparent to all customers and visitors. In short, you can use our pricing calculator to see the different price points for different numbers of active properties.

Hospitable considers an Active Property as any property that had at least one check-in during the past billing cycle.

If the property does not fit this definition, you will not pay an add-on fee in the next billing cycle. Of course, you can still use our services for any free listings! During your billing cycle, you can visit the Your Plan page to see the current calculation of your invoice. The active property count may change throughout the month as you get new bookings.

Our pricing has three components:

  • A base subscription fee, that includes your first two active properties. If no properties are active (or all muted) you will still be charged this base fee.

  • An add-on fee for each additional active property beyond the two included in your base subscription, and

  • An add-on fee for each property published to Direct booking sites or widgets.

I want to know how much I may pay before I start a trial:

The price that is applicable to you is available on the Settings > Subscription page. You can review which of your properties are considered active on the Active Properties page.

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