The time of the publication of a review depends on the rule settings.

We schedule a review as soon as it is made available by the booking platform, usually, within 24 hours after the check-out, and we cannot control this timing on our end. However, you can decide when the review will be published. In the timing settings of the review rule, you can define how many days after the check-out the review will be published automatically.

To edit the timing settings of the review rule:

  1. Go to Guest Experience.

  2. Click on Review rules.

  3. On that page, click on the selected review rule.

  4. Scroll down to the Timing section.

  5. Set the number of days after the check-out when the review will be published

We recommend that you leave ample time for yourself to check each review and adapt the comments and grades if necessary. From experience we recommend to set the timing to a minimum of 3 days after the check-out to ensure that you have received all feedback needed and dealt with any situation that might have occurred.

Please also note that you can always send an automated review manually, by clicking on Send now on the specific review.

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