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How do I reset the names of my properties?
How do I reset the names of my properties?

You can reset all property names to your default from the booking channel.

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We use the internal name of the listing to create the name of the property. However, we do not update the name of the (Hospitable) property if you update the name of your listing on your booking channel.

If you want to see the new (Hospitable) property names with the new names from your listings on the booking channel, you can easily reset them all. Please note this will also erase names that may have been updated manually on your end.

To reset property names:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on the Preferences option.

  3. Click on Properties in the sidebar.

  4. Click on the Reset property names button.

All names of all properties will be reset to their current "internal names" on the booking channel. We will populate those fields with Airbnb internal names first, then other channels.

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