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How we set property names, how to customize them, and how to reset them back to your default from the booking channel

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When we detect a new listing under your account, a new property is created for that listing. By default, we use the internal name of your listing on the booking channel as the property's name.

After the property is created, we will never automatically set or change the name again. If you change the name of the internal listing on your booking channel, we will not update the property name on Hospitable to match (unless you reset the property names, as outlined below).

How merging listings affects the property name

When merging listings together, the name of the resulting property will be the Airbnb listing name by default. The listing name that appears in our system can either be:

  • the public listing name

  • the internal name or nickname that you’ve assigned to the listing on Airbnb

If you had assigned an internal name, we always display that over the public name.

If you'd like to modify the current property name, you have two options:

Manually change the name of your property

This method allows you to name your property to whatever you prefer. Many hosts and their teams have their own internal names for their properties. Name your property in a manner that makes it best identifiable to you and your team.

Here is how to manually change the property name:

  • Go to Properties.

  • Click on the selected property.

  • On the new page, click directly on the name of the property at the top of the page. This will allow you to transform the name into a field that can be edited.

  • Edit the name.

  • Click anywhere outside of that field to save the name.

Reset all of your property names to reflect the listing’s internal name on the booking platform

If you want to reset all of your property names on Hospitable with the current names from your listings on the booking channel, you can easily reset them all. We will populate those fields with Airbnb's internal names first, and then other channels. Please note this will also erase names that may have been updated manually on your end.

Here is how to automatically reset all of your property names:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Click on the Preferences option.

  • Click on Properties in the sidebar.

  • Click on the Reset property names button.

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