How can I create a teammate?

You can add the contact details of a teammate for them to receive notifications and/or be assigned to tasks.

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If you manage a team consisting of cleaners, property owners, concierge among others, you can seamlessly manage your tasks and communication using our automation features. We can send notifications, reminders about upcoming booking and tasks to any member of your team, whatever their role and responsibility.

You will be able to create their contacts with emails and phone numbers, their role, and if they work on specific properties.

To create a new teammate:

  1. Go to Operations.

  2. Click on the Teammates section in the sidebar.

  3. In the right top corner, click on the Add new button.

You will then be able to provide the teammate's contact details. At minimum, a new teammate will require a name and a valid email address or a phone number.

You should also:

  • Go to the Roles section and click on the checkbox next to the role (or roles) you want to assign to your team member.

  • Go to Preferred properties and click on the checkbox next to the properties you want to assign to this team member.

Lastly, remember to click on the Create button to save the teammate's contact details!

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