How can I create a task rule?

Automatically generate and assign tasks to your temmates.

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Creating a schedule for your team can be challenging. You don't want to miss tasks for any reservation, and the schedule should be available to you and your team at all times. We can help you automate this using task rules.

Creating a task rule, will automatically create a task for you whenever you receive a new booking. The tasks will be then available in the Task calendar.

For each task rule, there are two task assignment options:

  • Manual: We will generate tasks automatically, but you will have to assign them manually to your team members.

  • Automatic: You can assign a selected teammate, and we will generate and assign the tasks automatically to this teammate.

To create a task rule:

  1. Go to Operations.

  2. Click on Task rules in the sidebar.

  3. Click on the Add new button.

  4. Select and click on the type of task you want to create.

Here is what you will need to configure for your task rule:

  • Configure the Duration of the task using the slider

  • Set Timing (when the task with start)

  • Scroll to the Scope section; click on the checkbox next to properties you want to include in the rule.

  • Go to the Assignment and select manual or auto-assignment.

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