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How do I automatically assign tasks to a teammate?
How do I automatically assign tasks to a teammate?

Learn how to configure your task rules automatically assign teammates to the new tasks.

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Task Rules are an excellent way to automatically assign a teammate to tasks.

With task rules, you can set the rule once and have confidence that your teammate will always be assigned the correct task for every reservation.

After a task rule has been created with the automatic assignment setting turned on, our system will create a task based on the preferences, settings, and teammate selected whenever a reservation is detected.

To set up a Task Rule to be automatically assigned to one of your teammates:

  1. First, click on Operations.

  2. Then click on Task Rules.

  3. From there either click on an existing task rule or create a new task rule with the + Add New button.

  4. On the Task rules page, go to Assignment settings and select the Auto option.

  5. Click on the choose a teammate button to select a teammate.

From here, the task rule will automatically assign new tasks created on the task calendar to the teammate selected.

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