Unfortunately, from time to time, you may encounter a guest who you want to leave a negative review for. We can help you post honest feedback and at the same time, give you tools to protect your listings.

The main challenge when publishing a bad review is timing. You don't want to publish it too soon, as it may encourage the guest to post a negative review in return. This is why we created a feature called Bad review. The Bad review feature is available for all reviews once they have been scheduled and before they are published. A review is scheduled by Airbnb some time near the end of a guest's stay or after they check-out and closes 14 days later.

Marking a review as a Bad review will reschedule it to 20 seconds before the review period is due to expire. You will still have to edit the message and star rating manually.

When to use this feature?

  • The guest has already written a negative review: In this case, you may want to delay the time of the publication of your guest's review, by posting your review at the last minute. It will give you 14 days to gather positive reviews under your listing and minimize the impact on your reputation.

  • The guest hasn't published the review yet: By publishing the review at the last minute, you can limit the risk of receiving a negative review from your guest after they see your feedback.

How to mark a scheduled review as a Bad review?

  1. Go to the Inbox.

  2. Select the conversation with the guest and click on it.

  3. Go to the Activity box and click on the pending review. *Note that at least one active Review Rule is required for a pending review to be scheduled.

  4. On the new page, click on the toggle next to Bad review to activate it.

  5. Edit the message and star rating as you see fit.

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