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Tips on getting a faster answer to your support inquiry
Tips on getting a faster answer to your support inquiry
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Our support team always aim to provide a fast resolution to any question that you may have about our product, and solve promptly any issue that you may face. Here some tips from our experience to ensure that your support inquiry is answered promptly and to your satisfaction.

  • Be as specific as you can. This will help our team investigate right away. For example, saying "my messages are not sent" will require a follow up from us on which guest has not received a message, and which messages you expected.
    When an issue affects a guest or a reservation, please share with us the guest name or the confirmation code for their reservation. We cannot start an investigating without those details.

  • Communicate your expectations at least as much as you communicate the problem. We are consistently learning, the hard way, that the first step of a resolution is to understand what our users want to achieve first.
    When you expect a specific behaviour to to be achieved by our product, it's always a good idea to mention it. It makes all the difference for us to empathise with your situation.

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