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How to integrate webhooks with Zapier
How to integrate webhooks with Zapier

How to send webhooks through Zapier

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You can integrate webhooks into Zapier to help you further automate your business! Webhooks will be sent whenever you receive a new reservation, and every time the "status" of the reservation has changed.

Any information we send in a webhook can be sent to Zapier and you can then setup Zaps to accomplish different automations. For example you can use a zap to add customers to a CRM, send an automated SMS before check-in, or send financial data to a reporting software like Quickbooks.

In Zapier, to add a webhook trigger:

  1. Click the Trigger step.

  2. Search for and select Webhooks by Zapier.

  3. Click the Trigger Event dropdown menu and select your webhook type.

  4. Click Continue

You’ll be given the URL for your webhook which you can then add to

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Click on Webhooks

  3. Enter the URL of where you want the webhook sent

  4. Click Add

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