At this point in time (November 2020), we support the detection of questions in English only. This also means that we will only look for questions in conversations that are (actually) occurring in English.

At this point in time, detecting questions in English covers 96% of all conversations with our users. There are no plans to bring our artificial intelligence capabilities to other languages. You also cannot train our Questions module to detect questions in other languages.

Detecting questions in a new language requires building new detection models for each category of questions that we support, and adapting each new model to each idiom (keywords will not do the trick unfortunately). Although this is something that we would love to be doing, we have not decided to commit our limited resources to solving this problem, considering it would only provide value in 4% of conversations with our customers.

We invite users that would demand multilingual detection of questions to escalate their feedback to us on our public roadmap website, so that we can more appropriately assess the demand for this need with our customers.

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