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How to Use Inbox Filters

Filters allow you to organize the threads in your inbox and quickly find only relevant conversations

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You can use filters to display only relevant threads in the Inbox and quickly find what you're looking for.

To use the filters:

  1. Click +Filter at the top of the Inbox

  2. Select the filter category

  3. Select the applicable value that you want to be displayed (for all other categories aside from 'Currently Staying') and then select done.
    โ€‹If you skip this step, the filter will remain visible but will not be applied until you click on it again and select a value. A filter in this limbo state will have a yellow background.

  4. [Optional] Repeat steps 1 - 3 if you'd like to apply more than one filter. There is no limit to the number of filters you can apply at one time.

  5. Click Clear to remove all filters, or you can click on the x beside the filter name to remove just that one filter.

Note: Time-based filters are currently based on the UTC timezone (for example "Booked on").

Tip: You can use filters to create Segments. Check out this article to learn more about them.

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