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Getting started with Operations
Getting started with Operations

An overview of features available under our Operations product

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Operations is where you'll find the tools to help you seamlessly manage your teams with the least effort.

One of our defining features is automation, and this applies to the two aspects of operations that would otherwise take up half of your time in running your short-term rental business: tasks and communication.

To get started with Operations, you will want to set up the following areas:

  • Teammates - Create a profile for each of your teammates and assign their roles and properties. Make sure to include their contact information so notifications have a way of reaching them.

  • Task rules - These are what generate tasks and can assign them automatically (if selected) to teammates.

  • Notification rules - For the teammates to know about their tasks at all, you should set up notification rules to automatically send notifications. Reservation notifications and check-in/check-out reminders can also be set up independent of tasks.
    Note: You can use short codes and custom codes in your message templates for the notification rules.

Other areas you will find useful are:

  • Overview - Aside from the running count of rules and teammates, you will also see all unassigned tasks here.

  • Calendar - All generated tasks are displayed on the calendar by property under the Tasks calendar tab. This is where you can also manually create tasks outside the scope of the task rules, or that are not tied to any reservation.

  • Log - All notifications generated by the notification rules are kept here, which includes notifications that are sent, cancelled and scheduled for a future date.

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