How to create a task manually?

You can create tasks manually from the calendar, without setting up a task rule.

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Sometimes you will want to create ad-hoc tasks when the need arises beyond the scope of your existing automatic task rules.

To manually create a task:

  1. Go to Calendar

  2. In the top right, switch to Task view

  3. Click on any block under a date for the specific property

  4. Click the New task button

  5. Set the start and end times for the task

  6. Select the Team

  7. Select the name of the Teammate

  8. (Optional) Add a note for the task. This will be displayed on the member's iCal feed, and on their notifications if it includes the %task_note% short code.

  9. Click Save

Although it is a manual task, all task related features will also be triggered. For example,

  • If you have enabled task notifications, notifications via emails and SMS will be sent to the assignee of the task.

  • The task will also be shown on the teammate's iCal feed.

  • The task will also be present in the daily digest for your teammate.

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