Merging properties together allow you to manage those listings with the same configurations and have the ability to use Sync. That means if you have the same unit posted on different channels, you can match them together to make a single property for your calendar, inbox, guest experience and operations.

To merge properties:

  1. Go to Properties

  2. Tick the checkbox on the left of the property name, for each of the properties that you want to merge together.

  3. Click Merge (a button that appeared at the bottom on the screen after you clicked the first checkbox). Both properties are now merged into one.

We pay extra care to ensuring that you can merge correct properties together, to avoid further issues down the road.

  • The properties must contain listings that are all for the same physical property i.e. the same address (and if applicable, the same bedroom).

  • The listings must be of the same unit type (e.g. private room, entire house, etc.)

  • This should not be used to group different listings arbitrarily, but match identical same units.

  • Each property should only be able to accommodate one reservation at a time, and have no conflicting reservations.

  • Listings composing the property should be in the same currency.

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