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How to merge matching listings from different channels into one property

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Merging properties allows you to manage those listings with the same configurations and use Sync. If you have the same physical unit posted on different channels, merging them tells Hospitable to treat it as a single property in relation to your calendar, inbox, guest experience, and operations.

How to merge from the main Properties page

  1. Click on Properties on the left-side menu.

  2. Tick the checkbox on the left of the property name. Repeat for each of the listings/properties that you want to merge together.

  3. Click the Merge button that appears at the bottom.

If you have an Airbnb listing, this action will merge the other selected properties into the property where the Airbnb listing is.

How to merge from an individual property's page

  1. Click on Properties on the left-side menu

  2. Click on the property name where you want to merge listing(s) into

  3. Click on +Add a listing on the top-right corner

  4. Select the listing(s) to add to the property

This action merges the selected listing(s) into the property that is opened.

Potential Errors

We pay extra care to ensure only the correct listings are combined. For this reason, you may be unable to merge properties until you fix the following issues:

  • They do not represent the same physical property: the listing addresses don’t match

  • They are of different listing types: for example, a private room and an entire house

  • The listings are set to different currencies on the booking platforms: for example, EUR on Vrbo and USD on Airbnb (Hospitable cannot update your pricing correctly in this instance)

  • They have overlapping reservations for future dates: the property would be double-booked

  • Depending on the booking platform's system, the listings have an open pre-approved inquiry that conflicts with an active reservation for the other listing

  • The properties are both in a parent-child setup: in this case, you’ll need to first remove the parent-child setup

Good to know & Calendar syncs

Parent/Child relationships

If the properties you have selected to merge have a Parent/Child relationship set up, then you may not be able to merge. If you encounter this error, the relationship needs to be removed first. You will then be able to merge your properties and set up the Parent/Child relationship again.

API-connected pricing tools

When you merge two or more properties together, all but one of those property IDs are deleted. Only one of the merging property IDs is kept.

If you use an API-connected pricing tool (PriceLabs, Beyond Pricing, Wheelhouse, etc.), you'll want to make sure that the current property ID matches the one in your dynamic pricing tool.

You can check the property ID in the URL on Hospitable. To find this, click on Properties > Select your property.

Example: ID/merge-match

If this ID matches what you have imported on the dynamic pricing tool, then the connection will continue to work as normal.

If the ID is different, then you will need to update this on the pricing tool.

Calendar sync and settings

When you merge two or more properties together, we will look at your sync settings (Hospitable > Settings > Preferences > Sync) to see what information we should sync from the remaining lead listing to the other listings in the property. If no settings are enabled at the time of merging, we will not attempt any syncs.

Vrbo listings

If you are merging a Vrbo listing into a property with an Airbnb or listing and you have sync settings enabled, you will also need to make sure that your Vrbo listing is not unlisted/hidden/paused on Vrbo, because Vrbo does not accept calendar syncs from us.

You can read more about that here: VRBO FAQs & Troubleshooting

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