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How do I set markup rates for a booking platform?
How do I set markup rates for a booking platform?

Add markup rates to your base price for a booking platform that will apply to every property

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You can create different markup rates for each booking platform. These markup rates are applied to the base rates listed in your calendar before being sent to the booking platform.

Adding a markup rate will not automatically update prices on your booking platforms. Once a markup rate is in place, that markup will be added to any future price updates.

To do this:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Preferences

  3. Select Properties in the left sidebar

  4. Input the percentage of markup rate for each booking channel. This can be a positive or negative number, or zero.

In the example screenshot above, if your property base rate is set to $100 on Hospitable's calendar, we would send the following nightly rate to each channel:

  • $110.00 Airbnb

  • $115.00 Vrbo

  • $117.50

  • $100.00 Direct

Learn more about how to change the markup rate of a specific listing within a property group in this article. Adding a markup rate for a specific listing will always override the platform-wide rate. Direct bookings currently only support a platform-level markup rate.

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