Keeping track of all upcoming check-ins and check-outs for your properties isn't always easy, especially if you manage several listings.

This is why we created the Daily digest email. Once activated, we will send you an email every day at 8 AM with the summary of check-in and check-outs scheduled for the week.

The Daily Digest email sent on Mondays - Fridays include 3 sections: Today, Tomorrow, Rest of the Week.

The Daily Digest email sent on Saturdays and Sundays excludes the Rest of the Week section, the reason being that we consider Monday as the start of the week by default.

What information will the Daily digest email contain?

  • Check-in time

  • Guest details (name, profile picture)

  • Property name

  • Length of stay

How to activate it?

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on Preferences.

  3. Click on Notifications on the sidebar.

  4. Use the toggle next to Enable daily digest email to activate it.

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