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Changing primary account email address.
Changing primary account email address.

Learn how to edit your email address in the profile settings.

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When you create a new account, we ask you to provide an email address. We use it as your login and also to send you notifications.

We allow you to change the personal info under your account, including the email address.

We strongly recommend using the email address that you will be reviewing.

To change your email address:

  1. Click on your profile icon (at the bottom left)

  2. Click on My profile.

  3. Go to the Email field and edit it.

  4. Click on the Save changes button.

You will receive an email to the new email address. This will ask you to confirm the change.

Once you've confirmed the change, you will be able to lot into your primary Hospitable account under the new email address.

You will receive a confirmation email to both the old and the new email address. You only need to confirm the change once, from one of those emails. Attempting to accept it again, from the second email will result in an "invalid link".

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