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What is the fallback language?

The fallback language is a backup language used to generate automatic messages.

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We offer features that allow us to detect the language of the conversation and use it to generate automatic messages. However, there are two scenarios when backup language is needed:

  • Guest contacts you using a certain language, but you don't have the message templates available in that language.

  • The conversation with your guest doesn't start with the message sent by the guest, but with the message sent by the host or an event, such as "Checkpoint". If the option Prioritize the language of the conversation is activated under your account, we won't be able to detect the language of the conversation.

To cover this kind of scenarios, we implemented a fallback language feature. It allows you to configure a backup language.

By default, the fallback language is set to English, but you can edit it. Please make sure that you have messages templates available in the fallback language configured under your account.

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