Due to the nature of the event messaging rules (for example triggered by a new inquiry or a new reservation), we would only be sending one message at the same time to your guests. Sending 2 messages (or more) at the same time would cause an elevated risk of restrictions (with the booking channel) or failure to send the second message.

If you were creating 2 messaging rules for a new reservation, and for the same property, Hospitable would be only sending one message for the new reservation. In practice, we would select the one that is the most specific (in relation with the scope), or the first that was created.

Depending on your objective, here are 2 solutions that have worked for users:

If you want to communicate specific details for certain properties, you can create a custom code to adapt your messaging rule

We would recommend that you create a new Custom code, that would be limited in its scope to those properties, then include the custom code name into your templates.

Your template will then adapt on the fly and populate this custom code only for those properties. This will result in one messaging rule being triggered for the same event, but the actual message will differ depending on the property.

If you want to send a delayed (follow-up message) after a reservation has been accepted, you can create a scheduled messaging rule instead.

We would recommend that you create a scheduled messaging rule, scheduled before the check-in, and then adapt the timing to 9 months before the check-in (the earliest possible on our timing).

In this situation, unless the guest has booked 9 months in advance, your guests will be receiving this message 30 minutes after the booking being accepted. This will result in 2 messages, send with a 30 minute buffer from each other.

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