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Property Onboarding Assistant
Property Onboarding Assistant

Streamline your property onboarding by quickly applying existing rules to it.

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If you have just added a new property, we have a streamlined process for applying existing rules, canned responses, custom codes, and teammates to a property. We call this the Onboarding Assistant.

It allows you to quickly scope your new property to those rules, responses, and teammates in one place.

To use the onboarding assistant:

  1. Go to Properties

  2. Click on the property's name

  3. Click on any of these sections in the left sidebar: Guest experience, Operations, or Custom codes

  4. Click the Onboarding Assistant button at the top right corner.

  5. Select a category in the left sidebar to view a list of all its existing items.

  6. Click +Add to assign an item to the current property

  7. To make any changes, hover on Scoped and click Remove to un-assign the property from an item.

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