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Getting started with Properties
Getting started with Properties

An overview of what you can do with our Properties product.

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Properties is where you can manage all the listings that are imported from your connected channels.

Each listing is added to its own property group by default. You can merge listings into one property group if they are for the exact same physical property and listing type.

Adding new properties

When you connect a new account, our system detects all listings and imports them to Properties.

When you add a new listing to an already connected account, our system can automatically detect this as it runs a scheduled sync every 2 hours. You can also manually sync your listings so you immediately see new ones in Properties by going to your Connected accounts page and clicking on Re-sync.

New properties (less than 5 days old) appear at the top of the list in Properties.

Naming properties

Property names are created by default to match exactly the internal listing name at the time of import (future changes to listing names are not synced).

You can rename a property by opening its individual property page and editing the title directly at the top of the page.

Tools for properties

Inside an individual property page, you will find the option to enable these tools:

  • Sync - syncs calendar availability across multiple listings based on reservations

Configuring messaging rules & task automations for properties

You can easily check which messaging rules, task rules, and notification rules are assigned to a property by opening its individual property page and selecting these categories in the left sidebar: Guest experience, Operations and Custom codes.

You can also assign other existing rules to it through the Onboarding assistant.

Property Details

Your property details are pulled in from Airbnb and synced on a rolling 2 hour basis. You can however re-sync these at any time by selecting Re-sync at the top of the details page.

If at any time you manually edit any property details from within, these changes will apply to any direct booking listings you have set-up and will not currently push out to your other connected channels.

These manually edited details will also no longer be changed by syncs with or changes to your Airbnb listing. If you want these details to start syncing from Airbnb after being manually edited, please contact support team.

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