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How can I add a picture to a scheduled message?
How can I add a picture to a scheduled message?

Learn how to include picture attachments to messages.

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Sometimes it is better to share a picture with your guests, instead of providing a lengthy description in the message text. It's possible to include a picture in your automated messages.

This feature is currently available for all platforms except for VRBO.

For Direct and Manual booking guests, the picture is sent as an attachment to the email.

A picture can only be attached to messaging rules for Scheduled Messages (not Event Messages) up to the guest's check-out day.

To add a picture to a scheduled message rule:

  1. Go to Guest Experience.

  2. On the sidebar, click on Messaging rules.

  3. Click on the rule you want to edit.

  4. Scroll to the Settings section, and select the checkbox next to Add a picture.

  5. Click on the Upload the file button and select the file from your device.

    Note: Only 1 image can be added. No other file types.

To send multiple images, other file types, or to include these attachments in other types of messages, you can:

  1. Upload the file(s) to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  2. Set the file sharing permissions to Anyone with the link.

  3. Copy the file URL.

  4. (Optional) Trim or customize the URL using a URL shortener such as

  5. Paste the final URL into your messaging rule template.

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