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Why isn't my teammate getting notified of their tasks?
Why isn't my teammate getting notified of their tasks?

Here are some factors to troubleshoot on your configuration when emails and SMS are not being sent for task notifications to your teammates.

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If your cleaner, maintenance, concierge or other teammate are not receiving their task notifications, there are several things you can check.

Were they assigned properly to the task?

It's an obvious given, but easy to miss.

Check the task rule to see if:

  • the relevant property is selected

  • the teammate is specified when in Auto assignment mode

If the task rule is in Manual assignment mode, check the Operations Overview page to see if you have any unassigned tasks there.

Have you created the relevant notification rule for them?

The notification rule must:

  • be of the type Task assigned

  • be active as indicated by a green toggle button

  • have the expected delivery method selected (Email/SMS)

  • have the relevant team selected

  • have the relevant property selected

Is their contact information up-to-date?

Check their teammate profile to see if their current email address and phone number are provided.

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