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Troubleshooting: Merging Properties
Troubleshooting: Merging Properties

If Hospitable is preventing you from merging listings, or properties, these are the likely culprits and how to fix them.

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Merging properties combines listings that belong to the same physical rental unit. This allows you the ability to protect against double bookings (with Reservation Sync), manage a unified calendar, and assign relevant rules to the same units.

This means that our system will only allow properties to be merged when it makes sense.

Hospitable will prevent properties from being merged if:

  • They do not represent the same physical property: the listing addresses don’t match

  • They are of different listing types: for example, a private room and an entire house

  • The listings are set to different currencies on the booking platforms: for example, EUR on Vrbo and USD on Airbnb (Hospitable cannot update your pricing correctly in this instance)

  • They have overlapping reservations for future dates: the property would be double-booked

  • Depending on the booking platform's system, the listings have an open pre-approved inquiry that conflicts with an active reservation for the other listing

  • The properties are both in a parent-child setup: in this case, you’ll need to first remove the parent-child setup

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