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Does the host-only service fee apply to Airbnb hosts using
Does the host-only service fee apply to Airbnb hosts using
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Airbnb announced that they will require hosts using third-party software outside North America to move to a new pricing structure. Starting on December 7th, hosts affected by this change will pay a standard fee of 15%, while guests will no longer be charged a service fee.

We welcome this change as this gives hosts a greater control and visibility over the price that is actually being paid by the guests (while aligning Airbnb with the practice of other booking channels).

At the current time, this change will not affect hosts using only.

This change will only impact hosts who are using a PMS with "API-synced listings" (resulting in Airbnb removing access to the calendar and/or listings descriptions, as they are being managed directly by their software). Connecting your Airbnb account to does not result in your listings being exclusively managed by, so the host-only service fee does not apply. The host-only service fee may apply to you if you are using another software than connected to your listings.

All hosts, who do not use a PMS with an integration who requires "API-synced" listings, will continue with the existing split fee between hosts and guests.

Who is being applied the host-only fee?

  • All hotels

  • Mandatory for software-connected hosts (with API-synced listings), unless those hosts have a majority of their listings in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay.

What is the percentage of the host-only fee?

  • Airbnb communicates on a 15% percentage, but it will "range from 14 to 16%"

  • Airbnb Plus hosts, and hosts who use Super Strict cancellation "may pay more".

  • For listings located in Mainland China, the rate is 10%.

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