Markup Rates

Markup rates allow you to customize pricing on different platforms (or on specific listings)

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Hospitable allows you to customize a markup rate per platform or per listing.

What are Markup Rates?

Markup rates help you customize your pricing for the same listing on different channels. This allows you to get paid the same amount, regardless of channel fees.

The markup rate is added on top of the base pricing you see in your Hospitable calendar.

For example, if Airbnb charges 3% in fees and Vrbo charges you 8%, you might want to set the markup rates to 3% for Airbnb and 8% for Vrbo.

This means that if the base price on is set to $100 a night, we'd push the price of $103 to Airbnb and $108 to Vrbo.

Listing vs Account-Level Markup Rates

You can set markup rates on the account level, as well as the listing level. If you have different rates at the account level and listing level, listing-level markup rates will always be honored first.

You might want to set listing-specific markup rates if you are required to collect specific taxes in your jurisdiction, for example.

How to Set Markup Rates

Markup rates can be positive or negative.

Account Level

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Preferences

  3. Select Properties in the left sidebar

  4. Input the percentage of markup rate for each booking channel. This can be a positive or negative number, or zero.

Want to learn more? Check out Setting Markup Rates for a Booking Platform

Listing Level

  1. Click on the property name

  2. Click on Markups under Pricing & Availability section in the submenu

  3. You may enter a negative, zero or positive value in the field for the markup rate

When and How Are Changes Reflected?


If you have Pricing Sync enabled, prices are immediately pushed to their channels with the new markup rates.

If you have Pricing Sync disabled, the markup rate will be used to calculate prices pushed to your channels the next time prices are updated.

What if I use a Pricing Tool?

Markup rates are added to the base price in the calendar. For example, if you have PriceLabs and the rate is $100, the markup rate will be added to that.

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