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How do I set the markup rate on a single listing?
How do I set the markup rate on a single listing?

You can define a markup rate specific to an individual listing

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Generally, you are required to provide platform-specific markup rates in order for us to push pricing to your listings.

For a more granular pricing control, you also have the option to set a markup rate applicable only to a specific listing within a property group.

Adding a markup rate will not automatically update prices on your booking platforms unless you have Pricing Sync enabled. If it is, it will update immediately. If not, once a markup rate is in place, that markup will be added to any future price updates.

To do this:

  1. Click on the property name

  2. Click on Markups under Pricing & Availability section in the submenu

  3. You may enter a negative, zero or positive value in the field for the markup rate

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