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Split Fees vs Host-Only Fees on Airbnb
Split Fees vs Host-Only Fees on Airbnb

Airbnb's host-only service fee does not apply to most Hospitable hosts

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For most hosts outside North America who use a third-party property management software (PMS), Airbnb charges a host-only fee of approximately 15% (guests are not charged a service fee).

This applies to hosts who use a PMS with software-connected listings where Airbnb removes access to the calendar and/or listing descriptions because they're managed directly by other software. Hosts who do not use a PMS with an integration that meets their criteria will continue with a split fee structure between hosts and guests.

Connecting your Airbnb account to Hospitable does not result in your listings being exclusively managed by Hospitable, so the host-only service fee does not apply. Hospitable users can continue to use split fees on Airbnb.

However, the host-only service fee may still apply if you are using another software in conjunction with Hospitable that meets Airbnb's host-only fee criteria.

Who is charged the host-only fee?

  • All hotels

  • Mandatory for software-connected hosts (with API-synced listings), unless those hosts have a majority of their listings in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay.

What is the percentage of the host-only fee?

  • Airbnb communicates on a 15% percentage, but it will "range from 14 to 16%"

  • Airbnb Plus hosts, and hosts who use Super Strict cancellation "may pay more".

  • For listings located in Mainland China, the rate is 10%.

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