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Muting properties and listings
How do I mute or exclude a listing or property?
How do I mute or exclude a listing or property?

It is possible to mute a property so that they are not imported into our platform and you do not get charged for its active listing(s).

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Muting a property will exclude its associated listings from the platform entirely, which means our automation and other services will not work for it, and you do not get charged when it has check-ins. This allows you to continue using our services for other listings in the same connected account.

Note: you may still be billed for the property in your next invoice after you have muted it, if it had check-in activity in the preceding 30 days of the billing date while the property wasn't muted.

You can only mute on a property-level, which means all listings inside that property will be muted. To mute an individual listing, you will have to first unmerge it from the other listing(s) so it is placed in a separate property that you can then mute.

To mute a property:

  1. Click on the property name

  2. While on the Merge & Match page, click on the Mute button below the listing(s)

To mute a single listing in a multi-listing property*:

  1. Click on the property that contains the listing

  2. Select the three-dot menu beside the listing name

  3. Select Remove listing

  4. Go back to the All Properties segment

  5. Select the now isolated property

  6. Click on the Mute button below the listing

*Only distinctly different listings can be removed from a property. Listings that are the same, just with a different host, cannot be removed from the property.

To unmute a property:

  1. Click Muted Properties on the left sidebar

  2. Click on the slashed out property name

  3. Click on the Unmute button below the listing(s)

Note: Muting and unmuting properties can only be done from the primary user's account.

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