The Reservations iCal feed is a URL that can be added to an external calendar app (e.g. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Android Calendar) and it will sync to Hospitable's calendar of reservations for a specific property.

Because the iCal calendar format is so common, you can also use this iCal feed for integrations with third-parties.

Where can I find it the iCal feed?

The reservations iCal feed can be generated per property.

  1. Go to Properties

  2. Click on a property name

  3. Look for the Export calendar below the listing(s), and click on the Copy iCal link button to the right.

  4. The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard. From here, you can paste it to your calendar app, or share it with a third party.

How do I revoke access to the feed?

You may want to revoke your iCal feed if you want to unilaterally stop a third-party from accessing the iCal feed.

You can reset access to a feed so that anybody that had a copy of the feed will no longer be able to sync with your Hospitable Calendar.

  1. Click on the three dots beside the Copy iCal link button.

  2. Click Revoke calendar access

Our system will generate a new URL, and invalidates the previous URL generated.

How often does the iCal feed update?

How often an iCal feed updates is dependent on the calendar service directly (e.g. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Android Calendar), and it's possible to see delays between Hospitable and the iCal feed.

What is the difference with the teammate's iCal feed?

The Teammate iCal feed only displays tasks assigned to the teammate.

You can additionally share with them a property's Reservations iCal feed so they can also see the actual reservations on their calendar app, if needed.

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