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Is there an iCal feed of reservations for my property?
Is there an iCal feed of reservations for my property?

The Property iCal feed allows you to view reservations on your own calendar app or share a property's calendar with a 3rd party.

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The Property iCal feed is a URL that can be added to an external calendar app (e.g. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Android Calendar) to shown all reservations for a specific property that are in

The calendar events imported by your iCal feed will include the following information:

  • Guest Name

  • Reservation Dates and Times

  • Reservation Code

  • Property Name

  • Guest Phone

  • Guest Email

  • Number of Adults

  • Number of Children

  • Number of Infants

Where can I find the iCal feed?

The Property iCal feed can be generated per property.

  1. Click on a property name

  2. Look for the Export calendar below the listing(s), and click on the Copy iCal link button to the right.

  3. The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard. From here, you can paste it to your calendar app, or share it with a third party.

You can revoke access to the calendar by clicking on the three dots to the right of Export calendar and selecting Revoke calendar access.

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