We have the ability to sync prices across listings, regardless of where the change was made. Learn how to activate price sync here.

How often does it sync?

Every 12 hours, relative to the last time price sync was run for a particular property, we will check the prices on the booking platforms.

When we detect a change in price that has happened directly on the platform itself, then we will proceed to push that change to other listings under the property.

Whenever we detect properties and their listings are merged or unmerged, the prices will immediately be synced based on the base price of the resulting property linked to each involved listing.

Prices will also be synced immediately whenever the markup rate is changed.

Base price vs markups

The price shown on our calendar is the base price, while the price reflected on the booking channels is the final (marked up) price.

When you enter a new price directly on the booking channel, we subtract the markup from that value, and the resulting amount is what will be reflected in our calendar.

When you enter a new price from our calendar, we will apply the markup and send the final price to the booking channels.

Markups are calculated from the markup rates you define in Settings > Preferences > Properties as well as on a per listing basis which can be editing from the property details page.

How do we detect price updates?

Due to the difference in price formats on each platform, we will only detect changes when the price has changed, on the platform, by more or less than 1 whole currency denomination, e.g 1 whole dollar.

Prioritised changes

If we detect changes on more than one platform during a sync, the final price shown on our calendar will be based on the priority platform, which is currently:

Airbnb > VRBO

If there are multiple listings from the same platform under one property, then the older listing has priority.

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