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Pricing Sync ensures consistency for your calendar pricing across listings

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Pricing Sync is a sub-feature of Sync. When enabled, Pricing Sync picks up pricing changes made directly on your lead listing's calendar and syncs that to your other listings. This occurs on a rolling 4.5-hour basis.

The price pushed to your listings will take into account any markup rates you have set.

As a simple example, let's say Airbnb is your lead listing and you have a 3% Airbnb markup. If you adjust your nightly price on Airbnb to $103, Hospitable will fetch the nightly rate of $100, and then apply your other listing-specific markups when pushing to your other listings' calendars. For example, if the markup for VRBO is 10%, then we will push our $110 to VRBO.

Changes made to a non-lead listing's calendar are not picked up by Sync.

Enabling Pricing Sync also allows the following to happen:

  • when you merge properties/listings, the main calendar data on Hospitable will be immediately pushed to the newly added listing calendar(s)

  • if we are unable to push an update to any of your calendars successfully, we will retry failed pushes daily until the listing platform is able to successfully accept those changes

Pricing Sync only applies to properties with the same property ID; it does not apply to the other properties within a parent-child relationship.

Enable Pricing Sync

Go to Settings > Preferences > Sync > Toggle Pricing Sync on > Save changes

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