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What is Pricing Sync?
What is Pricing Sync?

Pricing sync is a new sub-feature of the Sync tool that detects pricing changes from booking channels and syncs it across all listings.

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Pricing Sync is a sub-feature of the Sync tool that can pick up pricing changes made directly on a booking platform and sync that to the other platforms.

We will regularly check the pricing on your lead platform, or if further specified - your lead listing, to pull in prices into This is run on a rolling 4.5 hour basis or anytime the composition of your property changes.

With price sync enabled, we'll also push prices to your other listings within that property. The price you see on is the base price, and the price pushed to your listings will include any markup rates you have set.

To activate Pricing Sync:

  1. Click on Settings, then Preferences.

  2. Within the Preferences section, click on Sync.

  3. Click on the toggle "Pricing Sync" to enable or disable this feature.

Note that changes made on a non-lead listing or platform are not picked up by our sync tool and will not be synced to our platform and on other booking platforms.

Need further help? Check out this help article.

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