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How do I schedule a message to be sent on a specific day of the week?
How do I schedule a message to be sent on a specific day of the week?
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As a host, you may need to send messages to guests to remind them to take the trash out, or to inform them of some weekly event (market day!). We can now help you automate this scenario, and many more.

Here is how you can configure your messaging rules and setup a message based on the day of the week:

  • Click on Guest experience, then on Messaging rules.

  • Click on the Add new button on the top right,

  • Select the option "On a given day of the week" under the Schedule a message section.

Once you have created your new messaging rule, you can adapt the timing to your scenario:

  • Frequency: Choose how often the message should be sent to a guest during one reservation. You can choose "every" (so your guest would receive it on every occurrence of the given day within their stay) or "the first" (your guest would receive it only on the first occurrence of that day within their stay).

  • Day and Time: You can directly enter the day of the week, and the time, when the message should be sent.

  • Including or excluding check-ins: If the guest is checking-in on the day of the week that you have chosen, should the guest still receive this message? "Excluding" means that your guest will not receive the message if they check-in on that day.

Please note that messages on a given day of the week are never sent to guests on their check-out days. If your rule is sending messages on Tuesdays, and the guest is checking-out of your unit on a Tuesday, we would not be sending this message.

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