How can I create a recurring task?

You can create recurring tasks on weekly or monthly basis.

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As a host, you may need to create tasks for teammates to remind them of weekly pool cleaning or a monthly lawn mowing. You can automate the creation of those tasks.

Here is how you can configure your task rules and setup a recurring tasks based on the day of the week:

  1. Click on Operations, then on Task rules.

  2. Click on the Add new button on the top right,

  3. Select the option "Recurring" under the Maintenance section.

Once you have created your new task rule, you can adapt the timing to your scenario:

  • Occurrence: Choose how often the task should be created. You can choose 1-6 so your task would be created every one or six weeks (or months).

  • Frequency: Select whether to create tasks on a weekly or a monthly basis.

  • Day and Time: Enter the day, and the time, when the task should start.

  • Starting date: Select the starting date where the task should start being scheduled (by default, today).

Let's try with an example! If the selected occurrence is "2", frequency is "week", day is "Sunday", time is "11:00" and start date is today, that means that task rule will generate tasks every two weeks, starting from today, on Sunday at 11:00 (in the timezone of the property).

Don't forget to activate the task rule and add properties into the scope!

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