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How do I enable beta features?
How do I enable beta features?

How to enable experimental features so you're first to try out new features

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Enabling beta features will allow you to get early access to new features before they are available to all customers. Typically, features remain in beta for a week or two before being released to everyone.

To enable beta features go to:

  1. Click on Settings, then Preferences.

  2. Click on the toggle button for Enable experimental (beta) features (it will turn green to indicate it's on, grey when it's off).

How will I know what is new?

Once beta features are enabled, when a new feature is added, you will see a banner within your account to help discover the new feature.

Keep in mind, beta features are brand new; we rely on our early adopters to give us feedback and help us improve before we build out help content and roll it out to everyone.

If you've enabled beta features, we highly encourage you to contact us and share your experience and feedback as you use these new features!

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