Availability Sync is part of the Sync feature set that protects you from double bookings by syncing any availability changes made directly on a booking platform, including manual blocking/unblocking, to other connected platforms.

We will regularly check the availability on your lead platform, or if further specified - your lead listing, on a rolling 4.5 hour basis from the last sync or anytime the composition of your property changes.

For example: If you have Airbnb set as your lead platform and you manually block a date on Airbnb's calendar, Availability Sync will make sure that this date is also blocked on Vrbo and Booking.com.

To activate Availability Sync:

  1. Click on Settings, then Preferences.

  2. Within the Preferences section, click on Sync.

  3. Click on the toggle "Availability Sync" to enable or disable this feature.

Note that changes made on a non-lead listing or platform are not picked up by our sync tool and will not be synced to our platform and on other booking platforms.

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