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How to add a checklist to task rules?
How to add a checklist to task rules?

Create a list of to-do's for your teammate within a task.

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You can now add a list to your tasks in Operations.

Perfect to give your cleaner a list of jobs that you want them to complete, or perhaps a list of routine jobs you want your maintenance team to carry out.

Head to task rules in Operations and you'll find the checklist before you select the scope for that particular task. Create your list by typing in each item in the input at the top and pressing enter. You can edit and delete each task, though pictures cannot be attached.

Once you have set up a task rule with a checklist, you'll have access to the %task_list% short code. Use this short code in your notification rules to let your team know which tasks they need to complete.

The code will display as a bulleted list to the teammate.

Note that currently, this does not allow for teammates to check off items as completed or allow them to upload an image of their work.

You can easily view the list of jobs for a particular task in the tasks tab on the dashboard. Click on the 'Task Checklist' header to view the toggle checklist.

And there you go πŸŽ‰ you've created a to-do list for your team. Just don't forget to activate the task rule.

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