Tutorial: Same day turnover notification

Remind your cleaning team about a quick turnover by leveraging custom codes.

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Your cleaning team can plan their time better if they are automatically informed about quick turnovers. Hospitable.com enables you to set up notifications to your cleaning team that let them know if the next guest is checking in on the same day.

Outcome of this set up

If the night after the guest checks out is not available, then this message will be included to your cleaning team to let them know there is a check-in the following day. Depending on your preference you can include this note in an already existing message you send your cleaning team, or send them an additional message.

Setting up the custom code

Here you will set up a custom code that you will use in an existing notification rule or in a newly created notification rule. If you are not familiar with the custom codes feature, make sure to read this article to get acquainted.

You can name your code as you wish. For the purpose of this tutorial we will name the code %%same_day_turnover%%.

To create this custom code:

  • Click on Guest experience

  • Click on Custom codes

  • Click on the + Add New button on the top right to take you to a new custom code edit page

  • Include the copy you'd like in your message. Note: if this will be part of another message, do not include a greeting or sign off. For example, just include:

    "This is a same day turnover with someone checking in later today."

  • Select the condition the night after the check-out is not available

  • Select the scope including platforms, hosts, and properties you want this code to apply for

Putting the custom code into use

Now that you have created this custom code, it's time to include this as a notification to your team.

You can include this in an existing notification rule you already sent to your teammates, or you can create a new one. We recommend inserting the custom code in a reminder before check-out notification (if your cleans are scheduled after check-out) instead of the new reservation/new task notifications since these can be sent far in advance of the actual stay and another guest can book or cancel within this stretch of time.

Just locate the notification rule you'd like to use or create a new one:

  • Click on Operations

  • Click on Notification Rules

  • Click on the rule you'd like to use or click + Add new on the top-right

  • In the template of this rule, insert your new custom code %%same_day_turnover%%

That's it! If the night after check-out is not available, then this additional note will be included in the notification to your team. If the night before is available, this note will not be included.

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